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My last post demonstrates that blockquotes in this otherwise handsome WordPress theme are hideous.  They are especially poorly formatted for long quotes.  This is okay, as I hate blockquoting anything unless I absolutely must.  So if you notice that where most blogs would use blockquotes, I don’t, it’s not because I missed the memo.  It’s because you did, here.



The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights issued a press release on Friday to draw attention to massive raids in Arizona to round up undocumented immigrants. From the press release

More than 800 federal, state and local agents descended April 15 on four Arizona communities – Nogales, Rio Rico, Tucson and Phoenix ‐‐ in one of the largest dragnet immigration enforcement operations conducted by the Obama Administration. Isabel Garcia of the Tucson‐based Coalición de Derechos Humanos said, “Instead of bringing in the Department of Justice to investigate the immigration abuses and uphold our rights, the Obama Administration sics the ICE police on our communities.”

The raids come “on the heels of the passage of SB1070 in the Arizona legislature; the bill requires local law enforcement officers who have a ‘reasonable suspicion’ that someone is in the state without documents to determine that person’s immigration status. Arizona police will be able to subject any person to an immigration status check, even without that person having possibly violated any laws. The bill also allows citizens to sue a city, town, or county if they believe a law enforcement agency is failing to enforce this law. The governor of Arizona is expected to sign the drastic measure that would exacerbate racial profiling.”

“Ironically, the latest raid took place within days of a key deadline for the return of Census forms; the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR) and over 200 groups across the country had urged Obama and the Department of Homeland Security to suspend such enforcement actions to support greater immigrant participation in Census 2010.”

This is a told-ya-so moment I’d normally celebrate with a loud leaping lap around the kitchen, but I can’t. Not with immigration reform, the issue nearest and dearest to my ordinarily cold political heart. I favor amnesty and long ago stopped trusting the Obama White House, especially in the immigration reform debate.

More to follow. Time to go to work.

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My name is Pablo Manriquez and mine is an at-large bid for the Online Director of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ). As I approach my candidacy, two nagging questions put me ill at ease.

My first question is procedural. “For each position,” reads the election notice emailed yesterday to NAHJ members, “the candidate must submit nominating petitions with 25 signatures from regular, lifetime and academic voting members in good standing, which can be faxed in. Petitions submitted by email must come directly from the members nominating the candidates.”

Thus, if I’m interpreting the rules correctly, emailed nominations are acceptable in lieu of signed faxes. This would be to my advantage, as I am quite new to the organization, having paid my dues only months ago.

My second question: What distinguishes the role of the “At-Large Director, Online” versus the “At-Large Director, General”? The man to answer these questions is likely unreachable at this late hour. But I’ve emailed him and will keep you posted.

Finally, it seems only-appropriate that a legitimate candidate for the Online Director showcase their candidacy online, that ideas & skillsets may be evaluated simultaneously. That said, tonight I build the Internet.

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Twenty-two hours ago, the @BluntBrigade went micro, tweeting the sentence fragments, “Excited to announce our new site! Online home to Roy’s grassroots action network.”

@BluntBrigade is the “Official Twitter account of Blunt Brigade, an action network of supporters, volunteers, interns and staff supporting Roy Blunt for U.S. Senate.”

That said, I have never agreed with anything I have ever heard Roy Blunt say. Our politics are antithetical. We only disagree. We met several times in Missouri, and I’ve seen him around on The Hill. I hate that rotten bastard. He’s a sassy Paul Bunyon and a dangerous moron who shouldn’t be allowed within an acre of any American political machinery. To elect him to Kit Bond’s empty Senate seat is like tipping our own American cow onto posterity’s already-splintered femurs. Don’t do it, Missouri.

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