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Tonight, I stopped a while on Facebook where I found posted on a friend’s profile this fantastic animation that flashed me back to a quest at dawn with my childhood sweetheart for crêpes au beurre et sucre along the awakening rows of cafés and kiosks that line the narrow Parisian side-streets just off la Champs-Élysées.

Almost a decade before, in our Missouri middle school, just after we’d exchanged our first I love yous, I’d promised her we’d someday see Paris together; and in high school, together we saved two years of dimes to this end, amassing a small fortune ($200-or-so), which I spent on a PlayStation 2.

It wasn’t until we studied abroad together as undergraduates that I finally made good on my promise.  It was early-2005 and our trip was the dazzling frustration that ended us…or rather, beginning-of-the-ended us.  

She has since moved on, and I have since remained alone and convinced that Paris with the wrong lover is the loneliest romance in the world.


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