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Bagman arrived just after 1:30AM on Saturday night:

“Did you see that shit? Gawd what a douche bag, man!” (zing!)
A wha?
“A douche bag, man.”
What’s a douche bagman?
“No,” he laughed. “A Douche. Bag. No man.”
A Douche. Bag.
That guy there is a Douche. Bag.
“What’s a Douche. Bag?”
“OMG, ru serious?, etc”

And then, predictably, drunken Bro became professorial; and I, the Grand Inquizitator on a sidewalk along Pennsylvania Avenue on Capitol Hill in the Federal District of Columbia.

Note: I post this primarily for my former-colleagues (and a few of our most-“insider” clients) at a northern Indiana workplace with a liquor license.


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