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From the Times-Union:

For Mike Wortenberger, an area small-business owner, this is not his first tea party. Wortenberger has been to two in Indianapolis and one in Warsaw. This week he attended one in Mishawaka.

Wortenberger said it’s not an issue of being anti-Democrat or Obama or pro-Republican.

“Basically, I feel the government is out of control,” said Wortenberger. “It’s not just the Democrats, it’s Republicans, too. I don’t blame Obama. The system is broken.”

Wortenberger said he believes government is ignoring the will of the Founding Fathers.

“The Founding Fathers were a lot more intelligent than we are,” said Wortenberger. “They used God as guidance and I don’t think that’s the case anymore.”

Wortenberger said he knows of several people making the trip and is traveling with a couple of people.

Having been to several tea parties previously, Wortenberger admitted that for some people attending it’s “strictly political,” but for the majority of those in attendance they feel like Wortenberger in that both sides have let down the American people.

“Our Republicans have ignored us as much as the Democrats,” said Wortenberger.


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