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The only credit card I’ve ever had I got in a 5 minute visit to the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union in the basement of the Lafortune Student Union during the spring semester of my senior year in 2006. In five minutes, I had a $1,500 spending limit.

The $1,500 finally ran out on the campaign trail for Obama over two years later. I’ve since been unable to repay what I owe.

Unlike my student loans, the credit card is the one debt I feel especially obligated to pay. Credit cards are a bad idea. I knew this at the time I signed up for one but I signed up for one anyway.

The NDFCU rep called me today expecting payment by friday “…or we will sue you.” I told her I would send it tomorrow but will try to send it later today. Overnight shipping isn’t a problem. I work six days this week.


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