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‘A More Perfect Union’ — or The Philadelphia Race Speech — is what I believe to be the finest American political speech of the recorded era.  I watched it first on YouTube when I was still stranded at my parents house in O’Fallon.  It was two or three in the morning and I was bombing through content on adderall.  

At the time a venomous Democratic Primary was coming down to Hillary v. Obama.  Krugman had just published or was about to publish an opinion piece in the NYTimes showing Hillary’s health care plan was actually better than Obama’s.  Were it not for this speech, I’d have likely considered a quiet support for Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy.  But the speech confirmed that what I’d suspected all along was true:  Barack Obama could win in ’08.

Amazingly, Ken Bemmy tells me that Favreau (sp?) had no hand in this speech, and that it is instead by Obama’s mighty pen.


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