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These in response to the topic “The First 100 Days: Barack Obama and the Politics of Expectation” on The Liberal Magazine’s Facebook discussion board:

So, how’s he doing?
The first hundred days revealed little beyond what was already obvious to hustlers, like me. Obama branded himself as a president who “Can” and will do things that he simply can’t do without Congress. So, how’s he doing? Not so good.

By which criteria are you measuring Obama’s performance, and how confident are you about the administration as a whole?
Obama must do two things for my vote:
1. Regulate the financial industry.
2. Pass a strong public option in the health car reform bill.
No excuses; no retreat; no surrender.

How do you rate the media reception (both in terms of accuracy and priority), as well as the Republican reaction?
Very predictable; predictable.

And how may we cultivate on a local level a civic consciousness, one that empowers individuals and communities alike?
A thinker once told an interviewer, “the only genuinely viable imprint [Britain’s Left] can have on the political landscape is a radical liberalism that can content people on the Right by speaking about individual rights and self-determination.” The American Left is no different.


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