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From Modern Medicine’s “Modern Healthcare Executive” profile of James A Frick (1 Sept. 2006):

The technology efforts also cross over with other aspects of the 2010 strategy, such as building on the Blue brand. Informatics provide the foundation for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Assn.’s Blue Health Intelligence, a HIPAA-compliant database of claims information for more than 79 million Blue members, which was announced last month. IBC is one of 20 Blue plans currently participating.

“Two of our most significant resources are membership and the data we have at our fingertips,” says Frick. “We’re building a significant informatics capability here that will enable us to provide even more timely, accurate and meaningful reports to all healthcare participants—employers, members and providers—to help them make better decisions about spending their healthcare dollars.”

Developed informatics could show employers who they can afford to hire and who hired they can afford to insure. Doctors will know which members are most-worth treating. Members will know which treatments are most-worth pursuing. “Worth” here qualified quantitatively by an algorithm built on health care industry informatics.


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