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Only moments after I began seriously using it, it occurred to me the LittleSis site was sweet. I sent note or two at one of the dudes there to let him know. I don’t remember which one and the Internet’s down right now but he knows who he is, and hopefully he’ll see this post, which I’ll tweet @ several tweeters when the Library of Congress opens at 8:30 and I’m again online.

A few months ago, I wrote Jon Philips about a collaborative family history building Wiki. He agreed that the idea was not unreasonable. But the fact of the matter is that I don’t enjoy building Wikis anywhere near as much as I do LittleSis. As it becomes a web of affiliations, it becomes a web of endless stories and unanswered questions. It seems to me that the only thing a blank LittleSis-like site would need to be a potentially robust collaborative family history building platform is modified data entry prompts.

UPDATE: The Internet returns!



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