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On a cigarette run to CVS last weekend, I heard Tracy Chapman’s Fast Cars in the queue. At the time I was with my friend Ken Bemmy and we were both irrefutably hammered. I hadn’t been crunk since July of 2008 — not by choice or necessity, but more out of a general lack of interest.  I was busy OpenCourseWare‘ing through the bleak financial clime at adderall speed, which is much faster than Fast Cars, which I serenaded the CVS cashier with last Saturday during the extremely early morning hours in an off-key spectacle feat. Ken Bemmy.

The cashier dutifully sold us a box of Marlboro Lights; and when we left, Ken & I took to directing traffic with a broken baguette at the intersection of 14th & Harvard Street in Columbia Heights, until a coalition of vagrants and policemen implored us to “Get the fuck out of the street!

We obeyed, of course, and the next night I returned to CVS & apologized to the cashier for behaving like a sad, horny fratboy in her store.  She claims she doesn’t remember our Tracy Chapman.   Neither does Bemmy.  But tonight the CVS security guard confirmed to me that it happened, as I recount it here; and so my razor sharp memory is absolved.

NOTE: Originally posted in the Open Salon on 7 August 2009


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