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The header is the thing I like least about Azeem Azeez’s White as Milk theme which, as of this posts posting, is the one used fo’ free on this blog, a blog that finally has a title:  The Dank.

The reason I dislike the header is that it creates what I feel is its awkward alignment with the left side of the posts beneath it. I’d either move the Tag Cloud up or move the header left. The header should be bigger and the tag cloud should be more compact and include several more tags. I think a sweet tag cloud would be one that runs the full length of the homepage, regardless of post lengths, adjusting accordingly, showing tags according to their frequency — but in alphabetical order, as the are now.

But that’s neither here nor there…

“The Dank” is a marijuana term meaning “really good shit”. While I’ve heard the term most commonly used in this context in the American Middle West, it has popped up elsewhere in my travels, too. Its relevance to the drug may have something to do with the notion that fine cannabis is moist, sticky (icky-icky), I’m told.

Really good shit is what I hope to post here.  Hence the title.  Whether or not I succeed in doing so depends entirely on too many factors to list, describe, or discuss, so I’ll leave it at that, for now…


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