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WordPress 2 for the iPhone is released on the day I begin blogging with this wonderful little machine. It is a coincidence, sure, but a striking one in that I now carry with me everywhere I go a veritable printing press in my pocket.

But I rarely go anywhere, as I’m already here, for now — Capitol Hill, the center of the universe in 2009: Obama’s first year of very, very expensive Change.

Under these circumstances, carrying with me the power to globally self-publish is a mighty judgement call I will make day in and day out. The consequences of taking it to far could be severe, as I am currently employed at a virtually recession-proof locale where secrets and booze are sold and served together.

The bar is the Hawk ‘n’ Dove on Capitol Hill where I work some nights as a bartender and others waiting tables. “You’re certainly getting a unique view Washington,” laughed an old friend and award-winning newsman over lunch near the Obama White House on Monday…and I agree.

So what then are the lines that I cannot cross here? I write for several hours every day and will only write more with this WordPress part deux in my pocket. Some stories I intend to sell; others, to post here for posterity; and others still, to revisit after time’s great distances have obscured youth’s autobiographical liabilities.

Self-publication is self-regulation; and self-regulation is booms and busts.


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