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Sarah Palin on Oprah. President Obama censored in China. $99.99 for a new Gateway laptop. Portland 48 :: Atlanta 41.

The Hawk ‘n’ Dove has many TVs, but not so many customers right now, and so I blog to avoid … hockey fight: Ducks v. Penguins.

Some tonight discuss the exciting finish to the Colts v. Patriots; others ponder the tragedy yesterday in Columbia Heights. Nine years old: an attempted robbery almost avoided by a mad dash into an apartment where a nine year old boy looked through the peephole of the front door and was gunned down. Old James does the condiments.

Four tables later and Brady Quinn hasn’t led his Cleveland Browns offense to a touchdown on Monday Night Football. Aerosmith’s Walk This Way on Sirius Satelite Radio. I take a walk around the block to get some Fresh Air two blocks from The Capitol on cobblestones Mark Twain walked, maybe?

3:24 remaining in the third quarter and it’s the Ravens sixteen and the Browns remain scoreless.


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