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Sixty-eight thousand of us are stationed in Afghanistan tonight, which may-well be today, over there. The President’s first State Dinner* at the White House served an entirely vegetarian menu. The Twilight Saga, New Moon is the number one movie on the planet.

Asleep at five this morning and awake again at four-thirty in the afternoon. At work an hour later, I discover that Tuesday Congressman Turkey Dinner is the Chairman of the Aviation subcommittee(?). Later I ask an Honduran, in Spanish, if he plays futbol.

“Eh, soccer?” he replied.

Several days ago I “lent” Homeless Greg twenty dollars. Homeless Greg has lived on Pennsylvania Avenue for “I dunno…ten, fifteen years.” Microlending to a true Washington Insider on Capitol Hill is a multifaceted investment in personal security, regardless of repayment.

Kid James just walked into the Party Room: “This is from Greg.”


*Which apparently wasn’t a State Dinner at all, as the Indiana Prime Minister is not the Head of any State.


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