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Originally commented here:  For almost four years, I kept the same voicemail message. It was distinct, succinct, and promised nothing. It went: “You’ve reached the mobile phone message box of Pablo A. Manriquez. Please leave any and all information relevant to your call. Thank you.” What made it distinct was that I said the message as if to say “…the mobile phone message box of Pablo, a Manriquez,” which I am. I ensure no call back or even that the message will be checked at all. I normally did check them every few days, but sometimes I’d let them overfill my Inbox so callers got the “users Inbox is full” message from the operator.

Then I got an iPhone. And with it, the awesome power of handheld Facebook, Twitter, email, texting, etc.. Suddenly, the telephone function was an annoying necessity for calling my parents during free nights and weekends, when they scold me for never answering during the week and not setting up my voicemail so that they can leave messages. I try to explain to them that I fiendishly check my email (they’re not on FB or Twitter) and that if they really need to get ahold of me, I’m as likely to see an email or text as I am to ignore a phone call. No good, they say. They want that additional capacity to contact me. No good, I say, because then everyone else can too.

Ultimately, I usually ignore phone calls because they’re usually from bill collectors; this is the same reason I started ignoring voicemails. But the problem with both is that they interrupt. I keep no pop up or audio alerts in my browser settings for the same reason. Cult of Done, yo. Cult of done.


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