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I would have had to have logged into thw Washington Post site to link to the article from which the blockquoted bit below is quoted, but I don’t remember my user name or password or the email I used the last time I signed up for the site, which is a digital atrocity. And so I didn’t. But the article is worth a visit, if you want to read about the ten years of taxpayer-funded academic hogswallow —

“Loneliness is more than just feeling bad,” said Chris Segrin, a professor of communication and health at the University of Arizona, who was not involved in the research. “It really does have consequences.”

The headline triumph of the study is that it produced evidence that loneliness may be contagious, and perhaps because loneliness sucks, and lonely people who suck may piss you off, and when you’re pissed off, people may prefer to avoid you, or you people, or both. Once alone, loneliness may occur, for you and others.

Loneliness really does have consequences, you see; and so does funding decade-long horseshit “loneliness studies” on my dime. I mean, deficit spending through ten years of loneliness studies? It has consequences.



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