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Earlier this week, the Orlando Sentinel‘s Victor Manuel Ramos posted on the newspaper’s Hispanosphere blog about a joint study between the Pew Center for Excellence in Journalism and the Pew Hispanic Center to map media coverage of Hispanics in the U.S.

This morning, I took a look at the abridged version of the report on the Center for Excellence in Journalism’s website and dug three telling shareworthy snippets:

  • “From February 9 to August 9, 2009, only a fraction of stories contained substantial references to Hispanics—just 645 out of 34,452 studied. And only a tiny number, 57 stories, focused directly on the lives of Hispanics in the U.S. …”
  • “Immigration, which from 2006 through 2008 had been heavily debated in Congress and on the political campaign trail, was the subject of fewer than one in ten stories involving Latinos, a reflection of the degree to which the issue largely fell off the radar during the early months of the Obama Administration.”
  • “Lou Dobbs, who has over the last two years made immigration and immigrant labor signature topics on his show, referenced Hispanics more often on his program, Lou Dobbs Tonight, than did any other cable news show, with Hispanics referenced in 5.6% of all news on his program.”

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