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Dear Missouri Friend:

On Wednesday night, the U.S. House of Representatives adjourned for the year. There will be no more bills, no more laws and no more spending until 2010.

Before leaving town, the majority voted to increase the nation’s debt limit by $290 billion. It seems that when Congress puts too much money on the charge card, it can just increase its own credit limit. That’s what happened on Wednesday. America had exceeded the amount of money that our country can legally borrow, so Congress changed the law. In fact, Congress has raised the debt limit 91 times since 1940!

The individual share of the National Debt is now approaching $40,000. What’s the big deal? Irresponsible spending drives our annual deficit and total national debt up further every year. For example, next year, Congress has voted to increase optional, non-defense spending by about 8% over 2009 levels.

And, in the long run, wasteful spending limits economic growth and kills jobs. I went on the House floor to talk about this on Wednesday night and you can listen in here.

I’ll be enjoying time with family over the next couple of weeks and I hope you will be as well. Have a safe and happy rest of the year and a wonderful 2010.

W. Todd Akin


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