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A few months ago, I was waiting tables at the Hawk ‘n’ Dove on Capitol Hill when I was suddenly blinded by floodlights coming from the alley bar. At the moment, I was taking drink orders from a tableful of Capitol staffers. One of them asked, “What’s going on back there?”
“No idea.”
“Are those cameras?”
“Could be. I dunno. You want something to drink?”

I can’t remember whether he did nor; and if he did, what he drank; but I remember that the Hawk ‘n’ Dove was mad busy that night, and the distracted staffer’s was costing me money elsewhere at my other tables. So I was firmly brief with the guy. Later, when his table asked for their bill, I brought it with answers–

“So, I just asked the bartender and he said they’re filming The Real World. That’s what the cameras are.”

The table was aware that MTV’s Real World was coming to D.C., but they weren’t sure when or where the shows would be taped. They left excited, as the cameras were pointed in our direction for much of the time the production crew was in the bar.
Fast-forward to today where I read at DCist that The Real World D.C. premiers tonight on MTV. This would mean significantly less than nothing to me were it not that for all I know it may be my cable television debut–if, that is, that the cameras were indeed fixed in my table’s direction. I’ll ask around and see when/if the Hawk ‘n’ Dove appears in the show and keep you posted here.


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