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A week-or-so ago, my iPhone was stolen. A day-or-so ago, the Airport Utility (whatever that is) on my Apple PowerBook G4 somehow disappeared from within the machine. Thus I am left with no way to access the internet except through public computer clusters, where I don’t enter my passwords and can thereby not post to this blog without jumping through hoops I don’t feel like jumping through right now.

That said, I’ll be offline this week. This does not mean, however, that I will not be writing posts. Indeed, I will be; but in Word Documents, which I haven’t used since my undergraduate days and nights in at the Hesburgh Library in South Bend, Indiana. Thus, it is likely that my initial posts when I return to the Internet will likely be longer, perhaps more-narrative in structure, and contain very few links, as I’ll be doing my reading on paper.

Okay for now. Hasta luego. Be safe.



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