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The cask ales at CommonWealth in Columbia Heights, D.C. are a reminder of Boom Times in W1, London.  Tonight’s Oliver’s Bitter is a 20 ounce imperial pint teasing my emotions with fondest memories of The Strand, and of Trafalger Square … but where?  The Cole Hole, perhaps … beside The Savoy?  What did I drink at The Coal Hole?  What did Oscar Wilde drink at the Coal Hole?

A young couple is seated at the table beside me.  Small talk ensues.  Very small talk.  Then he lets slip a statement beginning, “My last girlfriend…”  But he recovers quickly with: “So what’re you drinking?  Beer?  Cider?  Wine?”

The waitress comes by and they order ciders and I get my bill.  $31 plus a $10 tip.  As I get up to leave, the guy asks his date, “So what kind of peanut butter do you like?” A table for one, it seems, is a lonely freedom.


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