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Dear Missouri Friend:

What is your share of the national debt? Would you believe that Congress just raised it’s own credit limit again – and your share of the bill will be $46,319 by the time they are done spending?

On Thursday, I voted against increasing Congress’s debt limit (the amount that Congress can spend our country into debt) and I introduced legislation to make it more difficult for Congress to keep raising its debt limit. I blogged about how it is necessary to force Congress to take responsibility for out-of-control spending: “Congress needs every possible incentive to get its fiscal house in order. My resolution requires that a debt limit increase be voted on separately – not hidden in another bill. And, with a super-majority requirement, raising the debt will not be quite so simple.”

On Wednesday, I went down to the House floor to discuss the President’s new budget. In case you missed it, my staff has put together parts of that discussion on YouTube for you to watch. While we are still not finished reviewing the new budget, the big picture is clear. This budget will raise the deficit to a record level: $1.6 trillion and 10.6% of our nation’s gross domestic product. It will double the national debt in five years. By 2020, the interest on our debt will reach $840 billion. In addition, this budget raises taxes by $2 trillion. Even as our current entitlement spending is ballooning out of control, the White House has added brand new entitlements to this budget, including $1 trillion for government run healthcare.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the President’s budget, the debt limit increase or any other subject.


W. Todd Akin

P.S. The 2010 Congressional Art Competition  for high schoolers is coming up soon. If you know a talented student who lives in the 2nd District, invite them to complete a student entry form on my website and submit their work for this exciting event.


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