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This morning I was awake early and preping to cover the Conservative Political Action Conference on my Huffington Post blog when I caught the above video on the CPAC website.  Of the many things “people on the Left” either don’t understand or notice, or won’t accept about personalities like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh is that they are paid to get your attention and keep it over many, many broadcasts — and nowadays, across many more mediums than previous mediums’ personalities in the American political circus. 

When pundits say they aren’t afraid to “tell it like it is” or “ask the tough questions” or “stand up for what’s right” they are essentially saying that they aren’t afraid to make money by getting your attention, and keeping it.  I ain’t scared.  You don’t believe me?  Stay tuned, because I’m about to go fucking crazy saying shit Good Americans like you agree with, and that unAmericans are gonna reeeeeeally hate this time!  That’s Beck’s message here, and I can’t say I’m unintrigued by it; and so as far as I’m concerned, Beck’s doing a good job.  He gets my attention; he keeps it; and I’m going to stay tuned to see what happens next.


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