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Overheard on Capitol Hill–

“So apparently FDR used to have his Chief of Staff go with him into the tiny private bathroom in his office when he took a shit.”
“Say whaaa?  Why?”
“To take notes.”
“Yeah.  Apparently he’d have his Chief of Staff in there with him to take notes while he brainstormed on the toilet.”
“Wow.  That sucks.”
“Well, this was before he was president, back when he was Senate Majority Leader.  Back then, I guess The Hill was still an all boys club, though…so I dunno, I guess it was okay to be in the bathroom stall listening to your boss (mischievous pause) shoot the shit!
“You’ve used that one before, haven’t you?”
“I figured.”
“Yep, you got me; but anyway, that same bathroom — the, uh, FDR bathroom — yeah, that’s the bathroom in my office.”
“No shit?”

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