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My name is Pablo Manriquez and mine is an at-large bid for the Online Director of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ). As I approach my candidacy, two nagging questions put me ill at ease.

My first question is procedural. “For each position,” reads the election notice emailed yesterday to NAHJ members, “the candidate must submit nominating petitions with 25 signatures from regular, lifetime and academic voting members in good standing, which can be faxed in. Petitions submitted by email must come directly from the members nominating the candidates.”

Thus, if I’m interpreting the rules correctly, emailed nominations are acceptable in lieu of signed faxes. This would be to my advantage, as I am quite new to the organization, having paid my dues only months ago.

My second question: What distinguishes the role of the “At-Large Director, Online” versus the “At-Large Director, General”? The man to answer these questions is likely unreachable at this late hour. But I’ve emailed him and will keep you posted.

Finally, it seems only-appropriate that a legitimate candidate for the Online Director showcase their candidacy online, that ideas & skillsets may be evaluated simultaneously. That said, tonight I build the Internet.


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