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Twenty-two hours ago, the @BluntBrigade went micro, tweeting the sentence fragments, “Excited to announce our new site! Online home to Roy’s grassroots action network.”

@BluntBrigade is the “Official Twitter account of Blunt Brigade, an action network of supporters, volunteers, interns and staff supporting Roy Blunt for U.S. Senate.”

That said, I have never agreed with anything I have ever heard Roy Blunt say. Our politics are antithetical. We only disagree. We met several times in Missouri, and I’ve seen him around on The Hill. I hate that rotten bastard. He’s a sassy Paul Bunyon and a dangerous moron who shouldn’t be allowed within an acre of any American political machinery. To elect him to Kit Bond’s empty Senate seat is like tipping our own American cow onto posterity’s already-splintered femurs. Don’t do it, Missouri.


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